Best Online Games For The Ultimate Tennis Fan

Published on 08/26/2021

The game of tennis is truly one of the most beautiful sports to ever exist. Often described as one of the most competitive yet enthralling games in the sporting world, tennis is actually one of the most popular sports with over 20 billion fans worldwide. However, at the moment it’s not entirely possible to attend a professional tennis tournament in person as most of us are stuck at home. But do worry, we have a perfect solution just for you! Why not take a closer look at these top online tennis games? Now you will still be able to enjoy this amazing game!

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Best Online Games For The Ultimate Tennis Fan

Mario Power Tennis

Who doesn’t know the Mario Bros and the infamous Mario Series? Mario Power Tennis is the fourth game in the Mario Tennis series that was released in 2004. This amazing game includes variations of tennis matches consisting of characters, courts, and different scenarios that absolutely everyone will enjoy. Mario Power Tennis was actually named ‘Best Alternative Sports Game’ across a variety of platforms soon after its worldwide release. Some users have even said its the one of the best Mario Series game to ever be made.

Wii Sports Tennis

Next up we have one of the top games out there that is so loved by both kids and adults. The game is called Wii Sports Tennis! The main gameplay involves using the Wii remote just like you would with a normal tennis racquet by swinging it as the ball comes towards you (the player). Players can choose to play a single or doubles game and have the option to play against a real-life opponent or a CPU. Hands down while you play the game you will truly get a good physical workout all while having fun! exercise at the same time. Wii Sports Tennis is one of the best-selling games of all time.

Tennis For Two

Tennis for Two actually deserves special recognition for possibly being the first video game ever made. Tennis as a video game might not have existed if it weren’t for games like Pong and Tennis for Two. Developed back in 1958, Tennis for Two can either be played on a computer or on an Android cellphone.  If you haven’t yet tried out this game, we highly recommend that you! You will instantly see why it is so loved by so many fans all over the world.

Top Spin 4

This is one of those PC games that really introduces a bold new take on the world of tennis. It also allows players to experience one of the world’s most innovative games to ever be developed. Gamers need to master the controls before being able to understand and truly appreciate the gameplay. Top Spin 4 is played on PlayStation and features a large selection of venues, equipment, and of course some of the top tennis players,  such as Andy Murray, Andre Agassi, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal. Since its release in 2011,  the world has completely loved playing this fantastic game!