Basketball: An Interplay Of Two Properties

Published on 01/18/2023

Basketball is great for killing two birds with one stone. Apart from keeping you fit, any physical contact must be avoided here. This sport is based on rhythm and skill rather than physical strength. It’s one of those rare team sports where you can progress by training alone and wherever you want. In attack as well as in defense, changes in rhythm, direction and jumps are the secret to a successful game. You must therefore maintain your ability to react throughout the game or training session. Here are the top five physical and mental benefits of this sport, which combines precision with skill.

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Basketball: An Interplay Of Two Properties

Strong Jumps

Basketball requires short but repeated efforts from you. You work on your jumps as well as your composure, your acceleration as well as changes in rhythm. You always have to keep the same intensity in the game – until the final whistle. Running and jumping will work your legs and your upper body will work on dribbling and throwing. And since there are a lot of jumps in basketball, you’ll improve your muscle strength!
The duration of the effort and the games allow you to start this sport without being an endurance pro and you will soon make progress.

Develop Skills

And you don’t have to be huge to play basketball either! Ultimately, it is a skill sport. As a defender, you need to anticipate your opponents’ shifts in position to avoid contact. In attack, you must coordinate dribbling and running, jumping and throwing, changing position, and game vision. Your progress is also reflected in your mobility and dexterity. The agility and precision aren’t just in your game, they’re in your head too.


It gives you greater mobility on the field and makes you a difficult opponent to defend against. Attack/Offense: As a fast basketball player you have it easier in every respect, you are a permanent danger for the defenders in attack. Great speed allows each opponent to defend carefully and from a distance, which allows you to lead the ball without pressure and to watch the game in peace.
In Defense: But not only in attack/offense is speed a great advantage that can make a big difference. On defense, it allows you to stay close to opponents. In 1 on 1 or when helping out your teammates on the field – here you can put double pressure on opponents with speed. Even deficits or weaknesses such as poor ball handling can be compensated in this way.

Create To Progress

One of the advantages of basketball is that you can train and progress on your own. A single ball is enough and you can work on your basics. This sport encourages taking responsibility. The streetball version is even part of the famous 1v1 game. Basketball requires you to be creative with every possession and assert yourself as a defender to stop the opponent without a foul. For your greatest pleasure!

Gain Confidence

You think we’re going to bring you the clichés about teams and solidarity? However! The team spirit, especially in a sport where everyone is attacking and defending, accompanies you in the game as well as in training. You go through fire for your team, which allows you to shine the next time you possess the ball. Yes, you will gain self-confidence and trust in your fellow players! In short: basketball is a vicious circle. One that is at a height of 3.05 meters.